VivaVideo Pro

Version: 9.3.1
Premium Kilitsiz
App Name VivaVideo Pro
Package Name com.quvideo.xiaoying
Genre Video&Music
Size 121.71 MB
Latest Version 9.3.1
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Premium Kilitsiz
Update Thu Jun 16 2022





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VivaVideo is a video editing application that helps you create videos and distribute them on different platforms in 4K high quality. You will find that VivaVideo has a lot of special effects and filters, which allow you to create videos that are very attractive to users. At the same time, there are a lot of functions in the VivaVideo app for you to use, such as keyframes, video editing, changing video size and other editing functions will bring you a very good video editing experience.



VivaVideo Features


Excellent video editor


If your boss needs you to revise your micro video promo, or you want to post an attractive video on your social media, then VivaVideo will be your best choice, the various features in VivaVideo can help you release great creativity. For example, you need to change the video length, or you need to change the video resolution, you can easily solve it in VivaVideo. So VivaVideo can be considered as a good video editing tool that you should try to use. Finish high-quality video from now on.


Added video element


VivaVideo has a powerful element library, you can use VivaVideo to add unique elements to your videos. You can easily change the color of your video with different filters. And, you can easily add and customize quotes or headings with fonts, colors, formatting, and more. You know, you can impress your audience by making the content of your video unique by using various stickers.



Insert hit songs for free


You can get the greatest appreciation when you have a great song with a great video. VivaVideo makes it easy to insert any song into the video you create, you don't need to worry about editing, it's very easy to use because the app supports many layers for you to use. Due to the distinction of the layers, they will retain their characteristics and be related to an aspect of the video. So you can turn a video clip into a visual action, and you can easily adjust the length of the audio track to match the important and impressive moments the video has. It's very easy!


Tons of transitions and effects


You can do a lot of transition effects for your video, which can make your video very outstanding, because a good video, using these elements is essential. VivaVideo provides dozens of transition effects, which allows you to easily get the effect you need, and choosing the best effect will improve your video score.



Set keyframes


Friends who know video clips will know very well the importance of keyframes in video clips. Keyframes have the ability to make changes to the same component at different intervals. VivaVideo supports placing keyframes at different positions on any element, which makes the operation of keyframes very simple and easy, even if you have no experience with keyframes, you can easily master them in a minute.


Summary of VivaVideo Features


l Crop, merge, add music and photos, and add transitions to videos. Merge, split, copy, paste and delete video clips. Video acceleration 0.1-10 times, crop and rotate video to your liking.

l Insert the latest music and pictures.

l Quickly insert popular music and lyrics.

l Add voiceovers to videos, record your own voice, and use the results to create your personalized movie.

l Making blurry video and picture backgrounds is a very popular feature on TikTok right now.

l Video multi-pixel export: 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K resolutions

l Videos are saved on your phone or uploaded to YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.



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l remove ads

l No watermark

l Unlimited video length

l High-quality images and many exclusive visual effects


What does VivaVideo PRO Mod APK do?


VivaVideo PRO Mod APK helps people who don't cut video to get the look you want in the shortest possible time, you can now enjoy the exciting VivaVideo PRO mobile app to thoroughly revamp any of your creative works Change. VivaVideo Mod APK offers a variety of different editing options and materials that allow you to make any changes to your videos and photos, giving your viewers a more immersive and engaging visual impression.



Best of all, it makes simple editing less tricky because you can make changes to videos and photos on the go. Not to mention professional-grade editing features and tools to apply editing tools quickly and efficiently.


Any need in VivaVideo Premium version you can easily experience in VivaVideo Mod APK! With in-depth and interesting features, Android users in VivaVideo PRO will find themselves able to edit their videos easily and professionally. Thanks to the fully unlocked and free app on our website, you can now enjoy VivaVideo PRO to the fullest. Download HappyMod now to experience the joy of Hack VivaVideo Mod APK.